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When advertisers enable their print media with Rev Eye, regular prints turn in Motion Prints. Rev Eye content is published in posters, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, billboards and any surface with a printed form or pattern. Rev Eye enabled content can be identified by “see more” sign on the print. Click it to discover what digital secrets a print ad hides.



Rev Eye creates awesome Augmented Reality images that amuse, make you laugh and make want to share them with your friends. Download Rev Eye app and select the Snap feature. Snap has an ever growing catalogue of cool 3D models. Select the model and it will be overlaid on the camera. You can scale, zoom and rotate the models for different views of it until you get your desired shot. Click the picture and share with your world!

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Rev Eye is an Augmented Reality application connecting conventional print media to the unlimited possibilities of digital media. It adds real time situation based, interactive,
visually stunning and virtually unlimited digital content to print by extending it to smartphones and tablets.

360 degree view

360 degree views

Engage with stunning 360 degree views of products and objects right on your device.



Prints are no longer still. They talk, play music, dance and come alive with animation.

qr code

QR Codes

Rev Eye automatically decodes the QR code and turns into a button or a window to present the content embedded in it.


Action Buttons

Action buttons are overlaid on print to trigger calls-to-action like phone call, email, buy, like, share or pin!

image overlay

Image and Text overlays

Virtually infinite real estate on the Rev Eye digital skin can house additional text and images overlaid on prints.



See posters with Rev Eye to view coupon codes that our partners are offering you.