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Rev Eye is a mobile application leading the revolution in what has been called “The next Mass Medium” to follow innovations that have deeply impacted the advertising industry such as print, television, mobile -, Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality allows digital content to be overlaid onto real life surroundings when looked at through a smartphone or a tablet. Rev Eye has taken the technological innovations in AR and applied them to advertising, creating completely new and amazing opportunities for brand communication. Rev Eye enabled ads are called Motion Prints. Rev Eye turns traditional print promotions into Motion Prints by adding real time situation based, interactive, visually stunning and virtually unlimited digital content to print by extending it to smartphones and tablets.

Prints are no longer static!

Maintain the credibility and accessibility of traditional print media and boost up your promotions by enhancing it with the interactivity and live information from the digital skin.

Give your customers real time information and elevate situation based content with Rev Eye, surprise them with innovative ads, let customers share them on social media, make your brand the center of conversation, showcase your product with 360 degree views, boost brand recognition, update prints in real time, inspire emotion that transforms your customers into hardcore fans of your brand! Make your prints talk, play music, dance and come alive with animation!

Campaign Analytics

You will always know your ROI with our real time analytics! Measure the number of interactions, see growth of users, including unique users, see page views and interactions and which country users are from.

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Message from CEO
Brands are always looking for enjoyable and engaging advertising media to enrol customers. Rev Eye showcases how AR advertising has the potential to offer a hyper-targeted, full-immersion experience, unlike anything seen before. Rev Eye is intuitive, engaging, very personal and most of all natural in the way its consumed.  It gives marketers the power to drive precise, situation based content on the print ad and enable an instant purchase decision with easy call-to-action. We are turning your mobile device into an intelligent personal interpreter for brand collateral around you.”

Vishal Reddy,
Founder and CEO of Rev Media

What it means for advertisers and for end users

Print media is accessible and economical. The number of smartphone users has grown drastically. Rev Eye takes advantage of both creating an advertising platform that combines people’s fondness for smart, handheld devices and the convenience of print. With Rev Eye advertisers can use print to reach people on their mobiles and offer them interactive, situation based and exciting way to engage with an ad that previously they would have only glanced over. Hence, in the overcrowded information landscape of 21st Century for advertisers Rev Eye means a revolution in getting noticed, keeping the attention and initiating brand engagement and loyalty.

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End users benefit in four different ways. Firstly, they get relevant situation based promotions. Secondly, they have the freedom to instantly access more information about a product or a service they are interested in and purchase it then and there. Thirdly, and this should not be underestimated, they can interact with their favorite brands in new and exciting ways and become part of the brand story. Customers care about brands they cherish and given an exciting opportunity to engage they will since proximity to ‘cool’ brands enhance their own personal image.

Lastly, end users tell their own Augmented Reality stories with Rev Eye Snap feature. Snap creates fun AR images with different animated characters users can choose from, create an image and share it on social media for their friends to like and share. Snap  At the end of the day, advertisers too benefit from Snap. Snap is fun and has a given viral potential, allowing users to get familiar with AR. And, of course, advertisers can create branded animated characters for Snap and watch them spread on social media.

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Traditional print media has the power of accessibility and trust. Rev Eye enhanced print ads merge tradition with the infinite options of digital advertising allowing for instant online sales and deeper brand engagement.
Print Ads


Billboards are one of the most visually impressive forms of advertising. Rev Eye enabled billboards turn into large scale video screens with infinite content options and double the impact.


Rev Eye enabled business cards instantly direct your business contacts to your online presence, position you at the edge of technical innovation and enhance your personal brand.
Business Card


Create more comprehensive and immersive brochures by adding exciting digital layers of interactive content, like 360 Degree product views, ability to see a product in different colors and styles or to experience a service through a video tour. With Rev Eye your brochures will explain the heart of your brand in an unforgettable way.


Places like malls and exhibition halls overcrowded with information and visual stimuli are hard to get noticed at. Rev Eye offers possibilities to surprise and gives a reason for people to stop and engage. Create an Augmented Reality photo studio where people can take photos with animated brand characters or digitally try on clothes from a different era. Gather a crowd with Rev Eye!


Point of sale advertising is perfect to introduce a new product, drive sales and display impactful offers. Invitation to scan an ad gets it noticed. The engaging digital content, made possible by Rev Eye, retains attention and turns interest into a wish to purchase before the customer reaches the end of the line.
Point of Sale


Rev Eye enabled posters become online shopping stores and gateways for amazing brand experiences that foster loyalty. A grocery store poster showing products on offer in a metro station allows customers to buy products that will be delivered to their house by the time they reach home, a movie poster playing the latest interviews with the stars, allowing the viewer to book tickets then and there – Rev Eye can do that and so much more.


Take full advantage of your first contact with the customer. Enable packaging to deliver surprise offers and special messages that can be updated digitally whenever needed. Give a special edge to one of the most visible parts of your brand identity with Rev Eye.